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Brian Flores thinks Tua Tagovailoa is getting better every time he takes the field

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores showed a talent for understatement on Monday when he said that “it’s been an unusual kind of year and a half” for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

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Release of chemical dopamine in infant brains may help control early social development

Changing levels of the chemical dopamine, a chemical most associated with motivation, may help explain why stressful experiences during infancy can lead to lasting behavioral issues, a new study in

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Turkmenistan officials due in Afghanistan as Taliban back TAPI gas pipeline

Officials from Turkmenistan will visit Kabul this week to discuss continuing work on the TAPI pipeline linking the energy-rich Central Asian country through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India, the Taliban

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Fisher-Price’s Chatter Telephone now makes and receives actual phone calls

Apple’s iPhone 4 is often held up as a pinnacle of phone design, but what about the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone? With its friendly features (a big smiley face painted on

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Photographer Captures the Incredible Peak of a Meteor Shower as Sparks Are Seen Shooting Across the Night Sky

A photographer captured the incredible peak of a meteor shower—as sparks are seen shooting across the night sky. 31-year-old Uroš Fink photographed the annual Perseid meteor shower, which takes place

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