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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after losing on Monday Night Football that his team — and he personally — needs Russell Wilson.

Carroll acknowledged that he might not have lasted long in Seattle without Wilson, and that the Seahawks’ current three-game losing streak is due in large part to Wilson’s injury.

“I’ve been here a long time. And if we didn’t have Russell, I probably wouldn’t have been here a long time. Think of all the magic he’s created through the years,” Carroll said. “One of the winningest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And it’ll be really fun when he comes back and plays football again for us this year.”

Carroll says the 2-5 Seahawks are going to keep fighting until Wilson returns.

“We miss him, and in the mean time we’re going to keep fighting and clawing and doing what we can,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he does not know when Wilson will return from his finger injury.