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Pete Carroll: I’ve been here a long time, I probably wouldn’t have without Russell Wilson

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after losing on Monday Night Football that his team — and he personally — needs Russell Wilson. Carroll acknowledged that he might not have lasted

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Polyphenol-rich diets improve leaky gut syndrome in the elderly

The increase of intestinal permeability is associated with factors such as aging, food allergies and intolerances and unhealthy diets. This alteration causes a reduction of the gut integrity barrier that

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French consumer confidence falls in October as inflation worries grows

French consumer confidence in October fell back below its long-term average on Wednesday as households fretted about the impact of rising prices on their ability to save in the future.

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Pixel 6 will reportedly double Google’s smartphone production

Google is planning a major increase in its smartphone shipments with the impending launch of the Pixel 6, according to Nikkei. The Japanese publication says that Google has ordered more

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UK’s Largest Vertical Farm that Uses Only Sunlight Begins First Harvest

While hydroponic farms, also known as “vertical farms,” swap land use for electricity use— one project is trying to take the best of both worlds. Using only natural light for

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